Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sticking to the plan!

I'm away till Thursday, but I wanted to write something up while everyone is still in a beer coma from last night so here It goes.

Today I will talk a little about something I live by in the 40k universe. Sticking to the plan. I try to have a solid plan for every army I play. It might be Orkz, Eldar, Marines, etc. You have to have a solid game plan going into a game if you expect to win it. This like most of my blog thoughts are meant for Tournaments not just fun games with the boys. If its just a fun game just have some fun.

Remember this is not just a game about killing the other players models. 2/3 of the missions you can win with out killing a single model on the table. Always try to play the mission not the player.

Stick to the plan: Its pretty simple. Don't let other people mess with your head. Don't let ANYTHING stop you from following your game plan. A lot of peoples problem is they have a solid plan but don't follow it the way they said they would.

Play the Mission not the player: This is pretty simple. Don't just rush in with a blind rage and try to kill as much as you can then on turn 5 start thinking you should get close to those objectives. You should be planning for turn 5+ during turn 1.

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