Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting the most out of your Seer Council ( on bikes ) & how to counter them.

In my Ard Boyz List I have two Farseers and two squads of Seven Warlocks. When most people see that they freak out. A lot of people have no idea how to deal with one Seer Council let alone two of them. Its not fun I can tell you that much.

For sake of argument lets say your not a cheesy bastard, and you only have one Seer Council. Maybe a 5-7 man squad W/ 1 Embolden, 1 Enchance, and the rest are Destructor. Lets break down the Warlocks Powers and how important they really are.

Embolden: Its the cheapest power you can get at only 5 points so it has that going for it right off the bat, but after spending a good 400-600 points on the squad you not to worried about 5 points here and there. This power helps because it lets you reroll those pesky failed leadership tests. You have LD 10 from the farseer, but from time to time you will lose combat or have to take a test from shooting. Its good to have that reroll so your uber expensive squad is not high tailing it out of there. Its a must in any seer council I feel...

Enchance: If you are going to keep Witchblades on your seers ( I suggest this but will get into it more under “ Singing Spears “ ) then this is a must. It gives you +1 WS and +1 I. This means against Marines ( about 90% of the people in Warhammer 40k ) your seers will get to go first with I5 and you will be hitting on 3s instead of 4s. That's a huge advantage when always wounding on 2s. If your not playing marines you will still go first against most armies, and the +1 WS helps a lot too. A must have in any council with Witchblades.

Destructor.: Ah yes... A heavy flamer coming from your mind. Who cant love that. Its Str 5 AP 4 so with Doom, and four Destructor you can wipe out a whole 30 man boyz squad if you place your flamers the right way. Even against marines you can pop out a good 10+ wounds and make them take a save on that pesky power fist. Its a great power and is useful against almost anything.

Singing Spears: I don't see the point in taking Singing Spears at all. You gain the ability to shoot a Str 9 from 12 inches away but you lose one attack in CC. One of the best ways to deal with a Seer Council already is to tie it up with Units that have good saves so each of your Warlocks having one less attack means they will be tied up even easier. I love charging into things that I know I can wipe out with my seers. They don't have Power Weapons bu being able to wound anything on a 2+ or Str 9 vs tanks means you will be popping out a lot of wounds or Glances and pens. So Singing spears are a no no for me.

Getting the most out of your Seer Council: I use my Seer Council for two reasons. One is they can take a lot of fire power and keep coming at you, and two is they can dish out the pain.

They just wont die Captain: So first thing I will talk about is there ability to take a lot of incoming fire power.. People WILL shoot at the if you put them out there to be shot at. Its a fact. The Seer Council is scary thing, and people want to get rid of them as fast as they can because left alone you can kill well over 50% of a persons army before they know what hit them. With Fortune up you have a 3 up rerollable normal save and a 4 up rerollable inv. If you turbo boosted that 4 up turns into a 3 up. This means 1 SHOULD die for every 9 wounds coming the squad. Those are pretty good odds when you think about it. They are one of the hardest units to kill in the game. I use my seers to keep the rest of my army alive. Keep those Falcons or Fire prisms shooting, keep those Jetbikes, and Vypers alive ETC. They do this job great. People WILL shoot at them. If they are shooting at your council then they are not shooting at the rest of your army.

Dishing out the pain: One thing you don't want to do is get tied up with units with FNP or a 2+ save. You will sit there all game and do nothing. You might kill one Model here and there but its not worth spending 400-600 on a seer council to just be tied up by a squad that you shouldn't have been fighting in the first place. STAY away from things that will tie you up for too long. Your Eldar you have speed, and you should only have to fight what you want to fight. The Council is great at dishing out a lot of wounds at I5. Things like basic marines don't stand a chance. getting into combat with anything with a 3+ or worse save and your seers will preform great. If you feel you might not wipe them out then throw in those Destructors to get the job done.

Dealing With the Seer Council: Its a lot easier then people thought. There are a couple of rules that will turn the big scary Seer Council into a useless point sink.

Rule one: Stay close together. This is important not only when fighting against a Seer Council but fighting against any fast army. If you spread out you will just be taken apart piece by piece. I have done it 100s of times to people, and im sure other Eldar players do the same thing. If they go first ignore there Deployment. They may spread out along the whole table edge, but chances are this is just a trick so you do the same. Remember that Most Eldar Armies can move 24” – 36” each turn. They can easily get all the way across the board in a matter of turns on whatever side they want. Its important to have your army as tight as it can be so you can counter charge/rapid fire the seers when they get close. One of the best things about the Seer Council on bikes is there speed. This shuts down there speed.

Rule two: Torrent of Fire... Torrent of Fire... Torrent of Fire... When I see people shoot heavy Weapons at my Seer Council I want to shake there hand. That Lascannnon is not going to do much to be honest. I have a 4+ rerollable against it so im not to worried. What scares me is when I see those 2 or 3 squads of tac marines get out of rhinos and rapid fire popping off a insane amount of wounds. The best way to KILL them is a lot of wounds. That is another reasons that we stay close together when playing against a Seer Council. You want to do all this together to try to weaken them enough that you take away there ability to dominate the board.

Rule Three: if you cant beat em... Join em... When I say this I mean tie them up. Throw something at them that will last. Termies are great at this. Too good if you ask me. That 2+ save helps a lot and if you can get a fist/T hammer against the Farseer then its only a matter of time before he fails that 4+ rerollable then the squad is dead. With out Fortune the odds of living are horrible. You get a 4+ so 50/50. While Fortune is up you will sit there and look at each other the rest of the game, but this is fine. You 200-280 points of Termies can tieup 400-600 points of Warlocks like no tmr. Other things that are great at keeping them busy is Squads with FNP.

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