Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My thoughts on Troops in 5th

A lot of people have been saying “ you need troops to win in 5th “ “ OMG you need your troops “ “ Better make sure you have lots of troops “ ETC. To be honest no you don't Troops don't win games. Having NO TROOPS will make you lose games.

If you are not IG or Orks then chances are your troops wont do much in 5th. They are good for holding Objectives that's that about. This is one reason I have been so successful in War Hammer 40k, and a lot of people at my Club are starting to see the light and follow suit. Are those Dire Avengers really doing enough to be worth bringing 10 of them? Is that over priced 10 man Tac squad with a single heavy Weapon doing enough to be worth all those extra points? I say no they are not. If you turn all your 10 man squads into 5 man squads and bring less of them then you are able to bring more scary stuff to throw in front of the army you are facing. The points you save by doing this might get you another Land Raider or another Termi Assault squad or maybe another heavy choice for your army. Chances are 9.9/10 times the thing you replace those troops with is going to do a hell of a lot more then the extra guys you have sitting in there transport anyways.

Some people try to say 1 troop choice for every 500 points. I don't agree with that to be honest. I say 500 points – 1500 bring 2 troop choices is enough. ( assuming your an army with Transports ) 1500-3k you only need 3 troop choices. We are not trying to win by owning every objective. We are going to own one and contest the rest. The points we save in troops give us enough scary stuff that doing this is a piece of Cake.

There are a few rules when using a min amount of troops:

Reserve: In 5th no matter what mission you are playing you can reserve any unit you want. What this means is if the person you play goes first then they have a 50% chance of seeing your reserves on there turn 3 because as we know they come out on your turn 2 with a 4+. Those are pretty good odds if you ask me. The game is already ½ over before they get a chance to see your troops if you reserve them. I'm not saying you have to reserve your whole army but if you are playing min troops then its a good idea to at least reserve the troops. In an objective game the rest of your armies job is simple. Stop things from getting to your side of the board and to also kill as much of there AT as you can.

Hide: This is pretty simple don't sit out in the open. You are just asking to get smashed by that Lascannon or Missile Launcher. Try to get 50% of the front facing behind cover for that 4+ or better yet if you have 3 rhinos put one in front smoke and the other 2 behind it. Next turn move them around a little smoke with one of the others and put the other two behind that one. Anyone with Skimmers such as Eldar just keep going flat out for that 4+ save,

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