Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playing as a Fast Army!

One of the things I looked at so far is “ How to play AGAINST a fast army “, now lets take a look at the people out there that love that crazy 24” - 36” inches of moving a turn.

This can be Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks in Battle Wagons or on Bikes, Marines on Bikes etc. Almost any army can have that fast moving if you have the right list.

Deployment comes first in the game so lets go over that. Being a fast Army there is a lot you can do during deployment to impact the game. The game has not even started yet and you are already increasing your chances of winning.

A lot of people tend to spread out there army during Deployment. They try to use up as much of the board as they can if they deploy first. Everyone has there own reasons for doing so. Some people like having that lone Heavy Choice in the corner all alone, because they feel it will draw less attention to itself that way. Some people do it because they want to come at you in waves. Others do it so if you deploy heavy on one side they are not completely screwed over. Your a fast army. You deployment does not effect you as much as someone that can move 6” - 12” a turn.

Going First:

Standard: This is pretty simple. You want to follow the rule that a lot of people use and try to deploy along the whole table if you are playing just the normal 12” out deployment. Chances are the person you are playing will try to match up unit for unit trying to think to themselves “ Ok This can take that, And this can kill that. If I put this here I can take that out pretty simple etc“. This is fine because this is how you want them to be thinking. On your turn one you are going to start heading to there weak flank with your entire army so that you can over whelm them with everything you have. You will only be fighting a small amount of there army at a time so this should be an easy task.

Spearhead: This is a little more tricky. I tend to reserve everything in this Deployment because then all my reserves come on my table edge instead of in my deployment zone.

Dawn of War: I tend to only put my Seer council on the board so I get that turn 1 Fortune off. Being because its Night Fight for the first turn i'm not to worried about being shot at if they seize. Turn 1 come on the board with the rest of your army and try to spread them out so that when your opponent comes on the board they will do the same. Then on turn two simple use your speed to attack there weak flank leaving ½ there army doing nothing for most of the game while you wipe out the side that had the least amount of squads.

Going Second:

Standard: Its a lot easier to deploy second then first. You already see there deployment. Simply pile everything you have on there weak flank and go to town.

Spearhead: I feel the same about going second as I do about going first for this mission. Reserve everything ( maybe keep a couple heavy weapons on the board depending on what they have ) and come on the board from there weak flank.

Dawn of War: This deployment is great because putting everything in DOW reserve means there turn 1 they have nothing to shoot at and you will be able to pin point there weak flank when you come on also. Dawn of War is great for fast armies, and I love playing it any chance I get.

Objective Placement:

Here is another thing that we can do before the game even starts to increase our chances of winning. If there is more then one objective being placed by both players then make sure you keep your objectives far apart. The farther the better. You are going to have a lot easier time getting from objective to objective then a slow army will. 2 turns of moving for you is 4-6 turns of moving for them. Part of playing a fast army is using that speed as much as you can.

Overall Plan:

The plan is simple. Your fast. Use your speed every chance you get. Being fast means you get to pick the fights that you want to fight. If you don't want to fight against those termie's in a Land Raider then don't. Pick your battles, and when possible attack on there weak flank. A lot of people think to be successful in War Hammer 40k you need to do a lot of things that are complex and hard to understand. This is not true. Most of the time if you follow 3-4 simple rules you come out as the Winner.

By: Peachykeen

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