Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playing Against Fast Armies

I found out that a lot of people I play in tournaments and at the club just don't know how to deal with the speed from my Eldar. Having the ability to travel 24-36' every single turn throws people off. Today we will talk about how to finish off that fast army. What exactly to do so that you can shut down that speed boost enough to get the win.

Play tight: This is the most important thing. You wanna play as tight as you can. Stay clumped up so that all your units can support each other. If you spread out then they will go after whatever your weak flank is. There is nothing a fast army likes more then a lone Dev squad or Whirlwind sitting on a hill all by its self.

Protect your tanks: I know that one of my strategies against slower armies in objective games is to take out any armor they have then tank shock them off the objective last turn for the easy win. A lot of Eldar players enjoy doing this because it works so well. Try to protect those tanks best you can.

Keep your objectives close: A good thing to do is try to let them place the first objective if the dice goes that way. Place your objective close to the one they just placed. They will place another place the next one as close to that one as rules allow again. Same for the 3rd. Don't let there be any lone objectives on the board. You want each to be about 12” away from at least one objective.

If you follow those three simple rules you will be winning most of your matches against fast armies in no time. Good luck, and happy gaming...

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