Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What type of War Gamer are you?

In Warhammer 40k we have a lot of different players such as:

We have the "FLUFF" player. They enjoy the stories of Warhammer 40k and make armies built around them. We all know a few people like this. I for instance know a guy who plays a pure Kroot army. He does this because he loves kroot. He has a fan codex that was made up a long time ago. God bless his heart because the army is not very good but he would not change it for the world.

We have the "TOURNAMENT" player. They enjoy playing in tournaments and like hard games. They will bring the best list they can think of and expect you to do the same. Normally these kinds of players are getting ready for that next big tournament.

We have the "THIS SOUNDS COOL" player. They make a list because they think it would look cool or play in a unique way. We all love these kinds of players because they bring us some pretty amazing new ideas that we might not have thought of without them.

We have the “I JUST WANNA WIN" player. They wanna win. They hate to lose, and play as hard as they can. They sometimes get upset when they lose but they are always ready for that next game for another chance to wipe you off the table.

We have the "I JUST WANNA PLAY" player. He is simply a guy who wants to get out of the house and play a few games. Maybe he has a few kids and a wife. He is just happy to get out and roll some dice with the guys from time to time.

We have the "RULES LAWYER" player. He prides himself on knowing the rules and makes sure you follow them or else there will be a heated debate, normally with you being wrong at the end.

We have the "I LOVE TO PAINT" player. This is a person who is more into the hobby side of the game. They enjoy painting and are very proud of the hard work they have put into there army.

We have the "I LOVE TO CONVERT" player. Winning and losing is normally not that big of a deal to this player. They have some amazing conversions and are just proud to show them off on the table.

Nothing is wrong with any of the gaming types but there are a lot of different kinds of gamers out there. We have to remember that just because we enjoy playing a certain way does not mean that we should expect others to act the same way. We need to allow people to enjoy the game there way and not force our feelings and thoughts on them. I personally fit into a few of the categories here. I’m sure a lot of us do and there are more that I’m sure I didn’t think of. So what type of gamer are you? Think about it for a bit and remember don’t let anyone tell you that you’re the wrong kind of gamer.



  1. I think "I love to paint" and "I love to convert" could be both categorized as "I love the minis."

    I would classify myself as a "tournament" player and a hobbyist. The 40K models were what originally got me into the hobby, and I NEVER EVER play with an unpainted army. I also enjoy going to tournaments because I like competitive play and trying to outsmart skilled opponents.

  2. Definitely a Tournament/JustWannaWin player. I love pouring over rules, stats, analyses, etc. The competition is what I look forward to. Improve, improve, improve!

  3. I think I fall into the "fluff" group I like the idea of having a story to my list..ie. I'm doing an Alaitoc corsair force so plenty of rangers and storm guardians but at the same time I have no problem sticking an Avatar on the table =)

  4. Im also a Tournament/JustWannaWin player myself. Im not going to lie I love the competition. My goal in every game is to wipe my opponent of the board. I think this hunger for battle is what leads me to success. I also go over rules,stats, and analysis things when im gearing up for a big tournament. I think about what im going to most likely see at a tournament and try to build a list that can deal with anything I might see with some added help on what I might have not thought about.

  5. True dat. In order to win you must have the desire to win, and you gotta put in the effort because there are lots of good players out there.

    Peachykeen I noticed you came fifth at 'Ard Boys which is PHENOMINAL. Were you the top Canadian player there? I love to see a fellow Canadian win. Anyhoo, In my area all the tournaments are 1500-1750 points, so I struggle in high-points games like 'Ard boys. Could you maybe do an analysis of how the game differs meta-wise and what you do to be so successful?

    Thanks a bunch.

  6. Ya ill work on one for sure. There are a few things that I do when it comes to each point value that help me a lot. Most of the tournaments I go to are also 1750 and around the shop we normally play 1750 - 2k. Thats just the amount of points we enjoy.

    I'm not sure if I was the top canadian I never really thought about it. I know that the person that came 2nd in round 2 was pretty low on the list and im not sure were the other people were from to be honest. I know that 1st was from texas. Hmm ill have to check that out.