Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In my endless pursuit of becoming Dr.Peachykeen I have forgotten my beloved Blog. I loved writing this thing before school started and I need to start writing it again. I have also had many friends tell me they miss my blog, and they wish I would start writing it again. So IM BACK BITCHES! I’m back again to write about my favorite game Warhammer 40k.

I will be going to a tournament this weekend with 9 other friends in Ontario, and I’m hoping that I can bring gold home again. It will be myself and my teammate Jon fighting tooth and nail with some of the best players I know. We made the choice to play Imperial Guard and Tau together so I guess Sunday everyone will know how well we did. Battle Reports to come.


  1. Excellent... good to see this blog back!

    Re: tourney, 2 things: yay for Ontario and yay for your Tau friend!

    Ko'Vash Tau'Va!

  2. I enjoyed reading your tactics posts; they were very insightful. Glad to have you back, and I look forward to seeing more.

    Is that one of those old Nintendo Powergloves in the picture

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  4. Ya it is one of the Old Nintendo Power gloves. Good eye. I seen it and thought hmmmmm why not.

    Ya Sah'o D'narb we wanted to use Tau with the IG because the IG can fill in some of the holes that the Tau have right now. I think the Tau are an amazing looking codex but they really need a new codex for some retuning.

  5. I agree @ obvious holes in Tau codex. Still, I think the Tau are still an excellent support army for a 2v2. I like the idea of pairing with IG to enhance what the Tau do well, at the same time IG contributing useful transports and roadblocks for the Tau anti-vehicle units.

    I'd be interested to hear how you two mesh the armies, however.

  6. I would love to post our entire list and tactics right now but I know that my other 8 friends going to the tournament read this and are hoping that I do that. On Sunday ill be posting a full list and tactics a battle report.

    Our goal with the Doubles list was to have synergy. We tried IG and SM but it was boring. Sure it was strong, but boring.

    The Tau are here to help pop tanks with there broadsides and score after all my troops are dead. I know that as Guard ill be taking a lot of the shots so Jon took 3 squads of fire warriors in Devilfish to help score at the end of the game while I took a lot of scary things that people will cry over when they are put on the table. I know that people are going to try to focus on the guard but with the tactics we are using the guard are well protected and the amount of fire power we have is just scary.

    We played about 10-15 practice games and we normally wipe our opponent off the table. We played a game on Monday against two friends of ours who are also going to the tournament. They are going with Orc/Orc and had 45 lootas,a lot of nob bikers, and boyz everywhere. I'm not going to lie Jon and I seen it and got a little scared but we sacrificed the right units at the right time and managed to wipe them off the table. It was a hard fought battle and no doubt one that we will all remember for along time.