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Return to Hellmouth Round 2

Round 2

They used the 2nd mission from the 2nd round of Ard Boys. Its dawn of war and its night fight only turn one (the Ard boyz was the whole game but they changed it) There are 6 objectives on the board BUT only 3 of them are real. On turns 2,3 and 4 you roll a dice to see what objectives are the real ones.

Space Wolfs & Space Marines

Space Wolfs:

HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Mount, Frost Weapon, Storm Shield,

Troop 1: 5 Grey Hunters in a Razorback W/ Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

Troop 2: 5 Grey Hunters in a Razorback W/ Twin Linked Assault Cannon

Troop 3: 5 Grey Hunters in a Razorback W/ Twin Linked Assault Cannon

HQ: Rune Priest W/ Chooser of the slain, Jaws of the world wolf & Living Lightning

Fast Attack: Thunderwolf Cavalry W/ 1 Power Fist, 1 Storm Shield

Fast Attack: Thunderwolf Cavalry W/ 1 Power Fist, 1 Storm Shield

Space Marines:

HQ: Vulkan

Troop 1: Tac Squad W/ Meltagun, Multi-melta, Drop Pod and a Power Weapon

Troop 2: Tac Squad W/ Meltagun, Multi-melta, Drop Pod and a Power Weapon

Troop 3: Tac Squad W/ Meltagun, Multi-melta, Drop Pod and a Power Weapon

Elite 1: Dreadnought W/ Multi-melta and drop pod

Elite 2 6 Sternguard W/ 3 Combi-melta, 1 Power fist in a Razorback W/ TW Lascannon

We felt pretty good about this game going into it. They did not have a lot of speed or a lot of long range fire power. Good old Emperor's Tarot helped us get first turn. It was Dawn of war so we made sure we pushed them back so we had that extra time to get some shots off. We managed to push them back the max distance we could in a pretty good area. The rest of our army deployed really close together so that if they tried to deep strike and melta important things they would die before they got to shoot because of the Mystics. We left one of the devilfish far away from the rest of the army to bait them in. They deployed there Rune Priest and two squads of gray hunters.

Our turn 1 (night fight): One of the Chimera's was close enough to the Rhino with the Rune Priest in it that We thought we might as well sacrifice it to get a search light on the Rune Priests Rhino. The other two Chimera's that we deployed moved back to join the rest of the army. We managed to pop the Rune Priests Rhino but were out of range of everything else because of night fight.

There turn 1 (night fight): Everything came on and they deployed over the whole table. They wanted to have a good range of access to the counters for this missions. They charged the Chimera with one of there thunderwolf squads and ripped it apart pretty fast. There dreadnought dropped down and took some shots at the devilfish that we put away from the group just to see what they did. Lucky for us the melta missed. They also dropped the squad with the melta gun and multi-melta in it close to the dreadnought. They did this for two reasons they were just shy of 24” away from the inquisitor and because there were two objectives pretty close to there. One of them ended up being one of the real ones at the end of the game too so it turned out to be a good idea. The marines that dropped down managed to stun one of my Chimera's.

Tun 2 Roll: The first objective that we rolled turned out to be on there side of the board right were one of the squads of thunderwolfs, there Rune Priest /W a squad of gray knights and vulken and the sternguard came on. Jon and I where not happy about this but we figured its still early.

Our turn 2: We knew that this is when we could bring some pain because the best armor they had was AV 11. ( drops pods don't count lol ) Jon placed one of his broadside squads in position so he was able to get back armor on the dreadnought and we moved all his devilfish but one in range of the newly dropped marines. The medusa's also looked over at the new marines and the valk did the same. Jons other squad of broadsides destroyed one of there other rhino and my vendetta did the same. Jons devilfish was hiding behind a building but in range of the thunderwolf cavalry that killed our Chimera so he used his smart missile system and managed to kill one and they failed there moral test and almost ran off the board. I think it was like 1 ½ inches away from running off. We killed the dreadnought and put every shot we had left into the newly dropped marines. We wiped out one squad and left the other squad with only one basic marine left. We were very happy with this turn because they were still really far away from us and they seemed to be holding back with there cavelry. This was a smart move on there part though because they played the mission.

There turn 2: There final drop pod came down so they decided to drop it down close to there other drop pods to keep us busy. We knew this was there plan but we were not to worried about it. We figured that our devilfish and melta guns from the command squads would be able to handle that corner so we could start dropping pie plates on the Rune Priest and his friends. They dropped down and immobilized the Command squads chimera and did little else.

Turn 3 objective roll: The roll sucked again for us because it was close to the Rune Priest, Vulcan and the wolfs.

Our turn 3: My Chimera W/ the flamer squad started to make its way to there Rune Priests corner of the table. The medusa's, one of the devil fish, my Vendetta and a squad of broadsides joined them. We put down a lot of fire power so they made the choice to try to go to ground and try to just hold out till last tern because they knew as long as they had the wolfs hiding over there we could not get close with out getting slaughter. We managed to kill ½ the wolfs 3 out of 5 of the tac squad and get a wound on the Rune Priest because we fired almost everything at them. The other broadside team managed to finish off there last razorback leaving most of there team scattered in the middle of no were. We used the devil fishes and the melta's in the command squad to get there drop poding squad down to 5 guys (they still had a melta gun though).

There turn 3: They moved the drop podded close enough to a devilfish to pop it open and it blew up. Jon not listening to my advice put them close to the front of the blown up tank and his fire warriors ended up being assaulted and killed by the marines. No big lose but it could have been prevented. The squad of wolfs that was not close to the Rune Priest went behind cover for what we could only assume would be a last turn rush for the objective to kill anything we might have contesting over at the drop pod graveyard.

Turn 4 objective roll: It turned out to be the objective that was surrounded by 3 drop pods and very hard for us to get at because the wolfs were very close and with in assault range. Our idea was to just rush the objective last turn with a devilfish, the Tau HQ and a chimera and hope that they would not be able to kill all three in one turn.

Our turn 4: This was a good turn for us. We managed to kill the rest of the tac squad that held up with the Rune Priest and we managed to finish off Vulcan and friends (str10 AP1 on Vulcans head hurts) We also finished off the wolfs so there was only a Rune Priest in our way of holding that objective. I dropped off a squad of vets to melta a squad of space marines that started to head over to the objective close to the Rune Priests objective but sadly I only killed one. I was not impressed.

There turn 4: There wolfs came out to play. They managed to eat my command squad and were very close to the objective. They had a tac squad walking up to that objective and we had no doubt that they would be there by turn 6. We knew we had to push that corner hard after the vets failed to kill the marines. We knew that we had one objective for sure but the other two were very iffy. The marines that I failed to melta to death charge the vet squad and killed them in assault. They were close enough to the other objective that they would be there In 1 turn if not stopped. We had to slow them down at all costs.

Our turn 5: We moved a devilfish onto the objective that the Rune Priest had and pointed all of our broadsides at him. After removing his cover saved we put a railgun into his head and managed to one shot him with ease. The Objective was ours. All of our guns pointed at the drop pods Objective while I used a Chimera the vendetta and the chimera to make a wall on the objective that the marines started to head to. Lucky for wall was pretty long so they had no way of getting there before the game would end. The medusa's managed to wipe out a tac squad that was heading for the drop pods objective but there was still a few marines that could hold that objective. We knew that we only had one turn to drive as many things on it as we could because we were not 100% sure the wall would hold at the other objective. If they blew up the valk or Vendetta on turn 5 then they may have been able to contest that objective with the marines if they got a good run. We had to make sure the drop pod objective was contested at the end of the game.

There turn 5: There wolfs charged and immobilized the inquisitors Chimera. This was bad for us because we knew that we would only have a frail command and a devilfish on that objective to try to hold for the final turn to contest. There marines got close enough to charge the valk and vendetta but missed there DT roll ( thank god the win was ours and we knew it ). There was now no way they could contest that objective so we knew we would win either 2-1 or 2-0 depending on the drop pods objective.

Our turn 6: The devilfish and the commander both moved with in 3 inches of there objective. It was all up to them to hold the objective for one more turn. We shot everything we had left at any troop choices they had over there but they still managed to have 4 marines alive and the wolfs.

There turn 6: They felt pretty good about the marines power first being able to take out the Tau commander so they sent all the wolfs against the Tau devilfish. Sadly they were unable to kill either. The marines close to the valk and vendetta charged but were also unable to kill anything. The game ended 2-0 for us.

We got 22 Points for this round.

Round 3 coming soon

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